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  • Experiencing His Presence

    Experiencing His Presence

    Praying without ceasing can be a challenge. In Experiencing His Presence, best-selling author Juanita Bynum offers a step-by-step guide in how to birth fervent, effective intercession according to James 5:16. This devotional is based on The Threshing Floor, which reveals how to go into deeper and more intimate relationship in the process of purification on the threshing floor, as revealed in Moses’ tabernacle. This book explains how to move beyond “selfish” prayer and become a true “living sacrifice” in the place of prayerAdditional InformationBynum Juanita - Hardcover Publisher: Charisma Media Company Subject: Christian Living Date published: 10/09/2006 Weight: 0.55 lbs Model: 8054 isbn13: 9781591858058 isbn: 1591858054 sku: 208054

  • Womans Body Balanced By Nature

    Womans Body Balanced By Nature

    When a woman's body, mind, and spirit function in concert, she walks in abundant and divine health! That's the unique message of Janet Maccaro's book, in which she shows women how to achieve balance and stay free from anxiety, depression, worry, and physical maladies. Designed to be interactive, A Woman's Body Balanced by Nature is written as a women's manual, with troubleshooting tips for hormonal health, beauty, weight control, relationship issues, and other issues women may encounter in life. This book will show women: ^aEURc Physical health screenings and the seven systems for optimal health ^aEURc Emotional health screenings and a self-evaluation on how their lifestyle affects their current state of health ^aEURc Where their body needs strengthening ^aEURc What relationships are healthy, and which ones are draining and aging them faster than necessary A Woman's Body Balanced by Nature will educate women for a balanced, vibrant life now! About the AuthorJanet Maccaro, PhD, CNC, is a respected lecturer, author, and radio/television personality. She has doctorates in nutrition and natural healing and is also a leading expert in natural progesterone supplementation. Maccaro has written four other books: Breaking the Grip of Dangerous Emotions, 90-Day Immune System Makeover, Natural Health Remedies, and Midlife Meltdown. Additional InformationMaccaro Janet - Hardcover Publisher: Siloam Press Subject: Christian Living Date published: 10/15/2006 Weight: 1.20 lbs isbn13: 9781591859680 isbn: 1591859689 sku: 209689

  • Aging Without Growing Old (Updated)

    Aging Without Growing Old (Updated)

    "Essential information for people of all ages who seek a lifetime of good health"This is not just a book on aging, but a complete nutrition book that will teach you how to stay well and active the rest of your life. Discover how it is possible to become healthy through natural and nutritional means. You can enjoy greater health at any age. Take charge of your health and slow down the aging process...Beginning Now! * Latest Anti-Aging Therapies for Men & Women * Conquering Menopause Without Drugs * Men's Unique Challenges: Testosterone & Prostate * Nutrients to Boost Memory & Brain Power * Relief for Arthritis & Joint Pain * Nutrition Guide for Vibrant Health * Preventing Heart Disease & High Blood Pressure Additional InformationMcFarland J & D - Paperback Publisher: Siloam Press Subject: Health, Exercise and Diet Date published: 01/10/2003 Weight: 1.60 lbs isbn13: 9780884199694 isbn: 088419969X sku: 20969X

  • Heaven I

    Heaven I

    The idea of Heaven can seem distant and intimidating, but Dr. Jaerock Lee brings heaven to life in Heaven I. This fascinating book is brimming with the beautiful and tangible specifics of the heaven that God's children long to experience. Referencing both Scripture and the secrets of heaven taught to him by God, Lee reveals that Christians can look forward to a clear sky, a new earth composed of pure gold and jewels, and the omission of diseases and concerns.The easy-to-understand guide to the afterlife will prepare Christians for the "beautiful, amazing, majestic, and dignified" heaven that is beyond human comprehension.Additional InformationLee Jaerock - Paperback Publisher: Charisma Media Company Subject: Christian Living Date published: 12/01/2006 Weight: 0.55 lbs isbn13: 9781599790183 isbn: 1599790181 sku: 200181

  • Prayerwalking


    Ordinary believers are stepping into the streets to pray effectively for their neighbors. With eyes open to real needs and with ears open to the prompting of God's Spirit, intercession becomes an adventure.Prayer walking gives you a practical menu of proven ideas to begin preparing whole cities for spiritual awakening. And the stories and statements of more than one hundred prayer walking Christians will fire your imagination for your first steps. Table of Contents 1. Praying On-Site With Insight2. Basic Prayer Walking3. Beyond Technique 4. Abraham: Pioneer Prayer Walker5. Joshua: Prayer Warrior6. Jesus: Preparing His Way By Prayer7. An Intercession Agenda 8. Way To Walk Together9. A Menu Of Methods 10. Three Dimensional Prayer11. Citywide Prayer Walks 12. Prayer Journeys: Inside Distant Cities13. Prayer Expeditions: Across Territories14. "In Every Place To Pray"202 pagesAdditional InformationHawthorne Steve - Paperback Publisher: Charisma Media Company Subject: Prayer Date published: 08/01/1993 Weight: 0.61 lbs isbn13: 9780884192688 isbn: 0884192687 sku: 202687

  • Blessing


    Speaking in tongues through the baptism of the Holy Spirit is a confusing and debated issue throughout church circles. Author Wayde I. Goodall dives into Scripture, taking readers on a spiritual journey to reveal the truths about speaking in tongues. Discover more about the history of the Azusa Street Revival, as well as the Day of Pentecost discussed in Acts, get a glimpse of the real people who have had confusing experiences in the Pentecostal Church and clarification on common questions and find out if Christians alone can speak in tongues. Whether readers have grown up in the Pentecostal Church and have had an experience with tongues, or are simply curious to know what the Bible says about the issue, Goodall's easy to understand explanation will open eyes and hearts to one of God's life-changing gifts.Additional InformationGoodall Wayde - Paperback Publisher: Charisma Media Company Subject: Christian Living Date published: 02/01/2005 Weight: 0.70 lbs isbn13: 9781591857327 isbn: 1591857325 sku: 207325