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  • DVD-SPAN-Where the Red Fern Grows 2

    DVD-SPAN-Where the Red Fern Grows 2

    El clasico cuento continua cuando Billy Coleman regresa de la Segunda Guerra Mundial a la casa de su abuel en Louisiana e intenda adaptarse a la vida urbana tras el trauma de la guerra. El abuelo prevee el estado de animo de Billy y lo espera con un regalo terapuetico ^aEUR" un par de cachorros ^aEUR" justo como los que el tenia de nino. Poco despues de su regreso Billy hace amistad con un chico joven del barrio llamado Wilson. Los cachorros y Wilson se convierten en sus amigos mas cercanos y juntos ayudan a Billy a redescubrier el don de artender y dar a los demas.******************************************************************************************************************************************A continuation of the classic film and novel by Wilson Rawls, Where the Red Fern Grows: Part 2 picks up several years after Billy Coleman's childhood adventures in the Ozarks during the Great Depression with his two beloved hound dogs, Old Dan and Little Ann. Now Billy is all grown up, a World War II veteran returning to his childhood farm and trying to readjust to civilian life. Embittered and saddened by the loss of his leg, Billy receives a pair of redbone pups like he had as a boy, a gift from his grandfather to try to help him heal. As Billy struggles to overcome his bitterness, he strives to convince his sister Sara that his service buddy Rainie is not worthy of her affections. In the midst of these trials, Billy befriends a neighbor boy, Wilson, whose youthful fascination with the redbone pups helps Billy rediscover the joy of life.Additional Information - DVD Publisher: Bridgestone Multimedia Subject: Video/Drama-Christian Date published: 07/31/2015 Weight: 0.20 lbs isbn13: 9781580958073 isbn: 1580958079 upc: 095163885274 sku: 184880

  • DVD-Road to the Open (General Market Version)

    DVD-Road to the Open (General Market Version)

    Road to the Open is an offbeat comedy and a classic underdog story about a has-been tennis team, single parenthood, the quest for love, and a once in a lifetime shot at greatness. Struggling after the loss of his wife, Jerry McDonald is a balding hospital janitor and single father whose only semi-social outlet is tennis with his best friend, Miles, who is still chasing dreams of stardom and working through anger management.Reluctantly, Jerry agrees to play with Miles in a local tournament that could earn them a match in a prestigious competition. For Jerry, though, the thought of winning and defeating the long-time club champion Gallant brothers is as unlikely as finding true love again, until a new co-worker enters his life and gives him a renewed hope.Additional InformationBridgestone - DVD Publisher: Bridgestone Multimedia Date published: 07/31/2015 Weight: 0.20 lbs isbn13: 9780740335020 isbn: 0740335022 upc: 095163888329 sku: 184872

  • Disciple Making among Hindus

    Disciple Making among Hindus

    "Drawing on thirty years' experience among Hindus, Timothy Shultz writes this book as a testimony of the kingdom of God growing in a non-Christian environment. Disciple Making among Hindus: Making Authentic Relationships Grow describes how Hindu people experience and respond to Jesus Christ. What are the core values and rhythms of their cultural world? What are the patterns of community and discipleship that help them draw closer to Jesus? Through moving personal stories, biblical reflection, and practical wisdom, Shultz introduces us to the centrality of family, the covenantal relationships that make up Hindu social life, and the yearning for authentic spiritual experience. While this book will benefit anyone wanting to make disciples among Hindus, it is far more than a strategy of contextualization or a blueprint for successful evangelism. Read it to discover the beauty of Hindus as Jesus sees them^aEUR"and the beauty of Jesus through Hindu eyes. "Additional InformationShultz Timothy - Paperback Publisher: William Carey Library Subject: Evangelism Date published: 10/10/2016 Weight: 0.40 lbs isbn13: 9780878081387 isbn: 0878081380 sku: 184864

  • Indispensable Youth Pastor

    Indispensable Youth Pastor

    Youth ministry is one of the most rewarding professions in the world. But it also can be exhausting, overwhelming, captivating, tedious, energizing, demanding, draining, and stressful. Can you handle the pressure?Veteran youth workers and consultants Mark DeVries and Jeff Dunn-Rankin want you to succeed-whether you''re trying to land your first youth ministry role, wishing you had more love for the job you already hold, or seeking strategies to lock in your dream job.That''s why they''ve written The Indispensable Youth Pastor - to peel back the curtain and reveal the truths about youth ministry. They want you to understand and prepare for the unique challenges that accompany this calling. Otherwise, you''re likely to be blindsided and overwhelmed by situations that a well-prepared youth worker will handle with ease.This book provides tools that will help you stay in the game of youth ministry for as long as God has called you and insights that can literally transform the way you approach your next (or current) role.Chapter topics include: Developing a search timeline that works Where to hunt for youth ministry openings Why acquaintances aid your search more than friends Why the Jones Memorial Carpet matters Initiating change without killing your ministry Helping people embrace the ministry''s vision Living a life that has balance and priorities Learning to love the parts of your job you dislikeDon''t become a statistic-another person who leaves youth ministry prematurely, burned out from ministry and the church altogether. Make yourself indispensable by following the path toward landing, loving, and locking in your dream youth ministry job.Additional InformationDeVries Mark - Paperback Publisher: Group Publishing Subject: Pastoral Helps Date published: 02/24/2011 Weight: 0.70 lbs isbn13: 9780764466106 isbn: 0764466100 sku: 13089X

  • Professional Guidelines for Christian English Teachers

    Professional Guidelines for Christian English Teachers

    "This handbook is for people in the field of English language teaching who are looking for practical ways to be both committed followers of Jesus and ethical TESOL professionals. What do such teachers actually do in the classroom? What materials do they use? How do they relate to their students and colleagues in and outside the classroom? How can they treat students as whole people, with spiritual and religious identities?How can they set a high bar for ethical teaching? Professional Guidelines for Christian English Teachers has grown out of Kitty Purgason's experience as a Christian seeking to follow the Great Commandment and the Great Commission, as a practitioner with a deep concern for excellence and integrity, and as a teacher trainer with experience in many parts of the world. "Additional InformationPurgason Kitty B - Paperback Publisher: William Carey Library Subject: Missions Date published: 10/10/2016 Weight: 0.60 lbs isbn13: 9780878084975 isbn: 0878084975 sku: 184863

  • Team Evangelism

    Team Evangelism

    TEAM Evangelism works for the 90 percent of Christians who do not have the gift of evangelism as well as those who are gifted evangelists. When it comes to outreach, some Christians are wary of approaching strangers or even friends with the Gospel. This resource provides a no-guilt, no-pressing-for-decision strategy that shows how to influence your loved ones for Christ. It builds in accountability while allowing everyone to be themselves, using their individual personalities and God-given spiritual gifts in the evangelism process. There is a place for everyone and a role for every gift!TEAM Evangelism is based on the TEAM philosophy of ministry ? using people where they are best suited according to their God-given gifts. This packet will get your members involved in influencing and reaching people for Christ in a way with which they are most comfortable. Once they are comfortable, they will want to be involved on a regular basis. This packet is user friendly and designed for the average layperson to understand. You will be able to train confrontational and nonconfrontational personalities together for an effective evangelistic ministry! The TEAM Evangelism resource packet includes: implementation manual, teacher's manual, workbook, Spiritual Gifts Inventory, textbook, 4 audio CDs, and Team Mate Personal Ministry Planner.Additional Information - Paperback Publisher: Weight: 5.70 lbs isbn13: 9781570522376 isbn: 1570522375 sku: 192932